Emmy Quickie: Stop Calling Finn Wittrock 'F-ing Evil'

“American Horror Story” star Finn Wittrock said people on the street often call him “f—ing evil” because of the characters that he has played on the hit FX show. “I used to be offended when people would come up to me and say … literally, I was meeting a director the other day at a restaurant and tried to put on a good show and be professional, and this waitress comes up and says, ‘You are so f–king evil!'” Wittrock told TheWrap. “I was like, could you please give this poor person some context of what you are talking about?” In Season 5, “American Horror Story: Hotel,” Wittrock starred as both model Tristan Duffy and legend Rudolph Valentino. In the previous season, Wittrock played a twisted “freak” named Dandy Mott.