Emmy Quickie: 'The Walking Dead' Guest Star Alicia Witt on Surprise Run-In With Andrew Lincoln

Alicia Witt wasn’t long for the world of “The Walking Dead,” but she certainly made an impression during her single-episode arc. As Paula, the hardened and ruthless member of the Saviors who held Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) captive during the AMC zombie drama’s sixth season, Witt brought to life one of the show’s most memorable villains, providing an interesting foil to Carol and her new pacifist approach to post-apocalyptic life. “I’m finding the people who come up to me and want to talk about Paula have a lot of questions about her, but less questions than you would think based on it having been just one episode,” Witt told TheWrap, explaining that fans are pretty evenly split between those who hated her character and those who found her sympathetic.